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Company History


Bodycote was founded in 1923 in Leicester, England, originally as a textile company. The Bodycote family grew the business to the point where it had three knitwear factories in the area, and in 1969 it became part of the Slater Walker group.

By the early 1970’s Bodycote had expanded, through internal growth and acquisitions of companies both in the UK and in Europe, and had become a market leader in Europe in a range of textile industry sectors. Due to this growth, Slater Walker spun off this division to become Bodycote plc.

During the 1970s competition became intense in the textiles industry, and along with increased costs for raw materials and the oil shocks of the time, Bodycote had to diversify. Initially Bodycote responded by strengthening its specialist subsidiary companies producing safety equipment, workwear, bullet proof and flame retardant materials. It also competed with low-cost countries by introducing a wide range of new technology to the design and production process. However, as production costs continued to rise in Europe, a new strategy was required.


In 1979 Bodycote made the then radical decision to move from being a manufacturing company to a service company, capitalizing on the wealth of materials and processing technical knowhow within the organization, and by making strategic acquisitions where required. The first acquisition was the UK heat treatment company, Blandburgh Limited, and this formed the base of the Metal Treatments division of Bodycote. This was followed soon after by the purchase of Zinc Alloy Rust Proofing Ltd, which launched Bodycote into the metallurgical coatings sector.

Throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s further acquisitions followed, and these were structured into four Strategic Business Units (SBU); Heat Treatments, Hot Isostatic Pressing, Materials Testing and Metallurgical Coatings. In 1992 Bodycote acquired the USA company Industrial Materials Technology Inc. In 1997 Bodycote divested itself of the last of the textile companies, and many of the SBUs rebranded to the Bodycote name.

Throughout the 1990s and on into the 21st century offshore expansion has accelerated. Businesses have been acquired or established in USA, Canada, Sweden and France, to the point that Bodycote plc now has more than 170 facilities in 27 countries worldwide, making it the industry leader.

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