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Company Services

Bodycote Japan K.K. provides services across a range of specialist services.

Heat Treatments & Metal Joining

Heat Treatments & Metal Joining

Bodycote holds all of the important quality accreditations in the Heat Treatments sector. We are unmatched in our investment in all industrially important treatments. Our leading-edge fully computerized heat treatment centers are complemented by sophisticated metal joining facilities.

  • Kolsterising®
  • Corr-I-Dur®
  • BASCA 160 - Beta Annealing, Slow Cooling, and Age hardening of titanium alloys
  • Electron beam welding (EBW)
Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

Bodycote provides Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) services to clients who require innovative, cost effective solutions. We work hand in hand with clients in power generation, precision castings, automotive, aerospace, precision tooling and medical engineering industries, amongst others, to supply precision HIP services.

Surface Engineering

Surface Engineering

Our total quality commitment strategy ensures that Bodycote is a world leader in metallurgical coatings. Thanks to the range of services and facilities we offer, we are the one-stop provider for all metallurgical coating services required. Whether it is anti-corrosion, metal dusting resistance or metal cutting and forming, Bodycote can provide services second to none.

Markets We Serve

• Automotive
• Oil & gas
• Consumer Products
• Aerospace
• Tooling
• Power generation
• Construction, Agricultural, Marine
• Medical, Environmental
• Electronics, Telecom
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